New Video: Agile Methodology

With our latest video, we’re geeking out a bit and explaining a popular way that software is developed. 

Our focus here is a process called Agile Methodology that has changed how many software projects (and a lot of other things) are structured. 

Here are the highlights:

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About This Video:

Using an analogy of two road-tripping teams, this video highlights how Agile Methodology offers the chance to reach better than expected outcomes.  It teaches:

  • The two basic approaches to software projects: Agile and Waterfall
  • The role of continuous iteration and cycles of development
  • Why the final destination is not always known in Agile projects
  • How Agile projects can produce unexpected results

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How to Use This Video

This video is designed to introduce and explain the basics of agile methodology in about three minutes. Whether you need to educate students, customers or prospects this video can help you set the stage.

Make it Your Own

If you would like a version of this video with your organization’s branding, we can help. Just contact us.

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