New: Generative AI - Explained by Common Craft

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One of the most surprising elements of today's artificial intelligence tools is the ability to create original works. With a few words, anyone can have AI create stories, images, music, video, computer code, and more. It seems like magic, and generative AI is powerful. However, there are also valid concerns about its use.

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This new video explains:

  • How humans and AI are different when it comes to consuming online media
  • How AI gathers the data it needs to generate responses
  • The role of data and patterns in helping generative AI provide accurate responses
  • How prompts and Large Language Models help generative AI
  • What’s possible with generative AI
  • Why people should be cautious in using media that generative AI creates
  • Concerns about Generative AI’s use of copyrighted materials

Watch it in full (3m 35s)

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