My Kind of Press Release:

As I posted before, Andy Bourland is starting a new company called I really like this press release regarding the launch of the new company- it's fun and has a ton of personality. I'm looking forward to seeing more interesting and cool stuff from these folks.

This is a press release about an entrepreneur named Andy Bourland. He's a guy who can spot a trend. In the 1970s, he sold Earth Shoes and waterbeds. In the 1990s, he sold web media. In 1996, he started, which ultimately included several leading technology sites, including Slashdot (see!). It later IPOed and went platinum.


He thought, "That was cool." So in 1997 he started another company called ClickZ. It was also a big hit, becoming among the most popular web media companies about Internet marketing. In 2000, he sold it to for millions. He laughed all the way to the bank, like this: "Mwaa-haa-haa!" until he met the taxman, who gave him a spanking. Ouch.


Via: Rick Bruner