The Moose is Loose! Thursday Night!


Northern Voice is starting this Thursday and we can't wait. Honestly, it's a little scary for me personally since I will be the after-dinner entertainment for the pre-conference party at Heritage Hall. I've done informative talks, but this one is a different animal - it's after dinner, people will be drinking and they will want to be entertained. Aside from working on my dance moves, magic tricks and ventriloquism, we've been shaping up the show, which will include all sorts of multimedia, multicountry, multifun goodness. A bullet point will not appear, I promise. If one does, have the rotten tomatoes at the ready.

When I first wrote about the Thursday night event, it was billed as a spaghetti dinner. Well, it appears that things have changed a bit. You can see the full menu here.

Along with a main course of roasted salmon - two words: Chocolate Fountain.

Boris is heading up the preparation and don't forget to wish him a Happy Birthday that night. I hope we'll see you there.