Moo Cards are the Most

I introduced myself to a friendly woman with a British accent at the CommunityNext conference in Palo Alto and learned that she was from a company call “Moo�? that makes mini business cards. She quickly produced a white box of cards and since that time, I have fallen in love with Moo and their little cards. Here’s why.

Moo is a good idea
Business cards are so popular and useful, but often so cookie-cutter lame. I can't get over how many people hand me a card and then apologize for making it at home the day before.

Moo has created a demand for a new kind of card that is about 1/3 the size of a normal card and offers the possibility that cards can relate more than data. Moo cards can start conversation.

Moo Size Compare.gif

Size isn’t the only difference. Moo has a relationship with Flickr, the photo sharing service and you can choose to put your very own photos on the back of your Moo cards. You can have 100 completely unique cards for about $20. Here are the backs of a handful Sachi's Moo cards. She used 40 different photos:

Moo Photo Collection.jpg

Moo is good technology
Moo service with Flickr is elegant and usable. It’s also a great example of an API in action. If you’re not familiar with an API, it means that web site (A) let’s web site (B) use it’s functionality. In this case, Flickr has made it possible for me, a Flickr member, to see my Flickr photos from my sets and tags on the Moo web site. This enables me to select my photos from Flickr using the Moo interface. It works like this...

You go through the photos and select the ones you want to use. You can choose up to 100.
Moo API.gif

Then You select the placement of the photo for the cards. You can do vertical or horizontal orientation.
Mo0 Crop hor.gif

Then you add details for the other side. This can include the photo's info (date taken, name, etc.) and free text fields.

Moo Details.gif

Moo is fun and personal

Like Flickr, Feedburner and others like them, Moo communicates in a personal, funny and engaging way.

When you finish the order process you see:
Hooray Nice one.gif

And when the cards arrive you see a card tucked into the package that says:
Moo Best Friend.jpg
It doesn't cost anything to communicate like a person.

Moo is a quality product.
Sachi just got her cards today and mine are on the way soon. We’re both excited about being able to hand out the cards with photos on the back that represent a story. That’s what cards should do – create conversation or tell a story. Moo does that. Go get some.

Moo box.jpg