This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation & the change it can create. 

Lilipip's Latest Videos

Lilipip is one of the newest members of our Explainer Network of video producers and lately they've been pumping out some great videos for their customers. I'm highlighting a few below...

The first video is for Circle Street and as I told Jen at Lilipip, I really like the way they approached this video.  It's informal, fun and tells a story about a problem being solved.  It made the value proposition of Circle Street clear in one minute.  Take a look:

Second is a video for Adobe's eLearning Suite 2.  Another great video and one that highlights a different visual style and script.  This script is more oriented for elearning pros vs. the mass market, so it's a bit more technical.  What I really like is the visual animation style.  Notice how color is used to highlight the product in a mostly gray video. It also has a noir feel and matching music that gives it style.  Good stuff.

Lilipip, like all members of our Explainer Network, produce custom videos for organizations of all types.  Visit the Explainer Network page for more information.