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Learn New Media from the Ninjas

Kent Nichols is the co-creator or Ninja Master of Ask-a-Ninja, which I'm quite sure you know about. I recently discovered his Twitter feed and blog and since, I've learned a lot from his perspectives on disrupting Hollywood, the business of new media, and the web video industry. 

His no-nonsense and opinionated style really makes it clear where he stands, and I often agree.  Plus, he's full of smart advice for content producers. Recommended. 

On a side note, the story of my connection with the Ninjas is rather strange.  The other co-creator of Ask-A-Ninja is Douglas Sarine (on Twitter too).  Douglas lived on my hall our freshman year of college at Appalachian State University - that was 1991.  We were good friends, but lost touch after we graduated.  As Ask-A-Ninja became popular, I saw Doug's name and couldn't believe it.  Since then we've reconnected and hung out a few times.  Hopefully we'll see those guys again soon.  Keep up the great bloggin' Kent!