Jeremy's Whirlwind Visit

It’s been fun filled few days at Common Craft headquarters. On Monday Jeremy Wright arrived from the Great White North and spent a night here at the house before starting work at Microsoft. We met Nick Finck and Jordan Rule to see Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. I dug the movie and the company. Here's one of Nick's Pics.

It was cool to hang out with Jeremy, who I first met at the Northern Voice blogging conference. These days he’s eyeballs deep in his book on business blogging. He’s a great guy with lots of ideas and motivation. I’m looking forward to seeing the book for sure.

Yesterday was, um, frustrating. My connection to the Internet is through Comcast and it’s been flaky sometimes. When this happens I’m reminded about how much time I spend online. I honestly wonder sometimes if it’s a problem. The second my mind has time to wander, my first impulse is to get online. When it’s not there, it gets to me and I feel a bit helpless.

Obviously it's back- Yay!