Introducing: Common Craft Kindle Books

Kindle BooksWe're big fans of Amazon's Kindle.  It makes reading easier and we're convinced it could become an iPod-like device in the future in terms of ubiquity.  We've been working to make our videos into Kindle books so people have another way to learn, in Plain English. 

I previously wrote about the Kindle here and here

The basic idea with the Kindle is that you can purchase and download books, magazines, newspapers and articles and have them delivered wirelessly to the Kindle. We see an opportunity for our content to be available just like any other book or article.

So, we've found a way to make our videos into "Kindle Books" that can be purchased and downloaded to the Kindle. Our Kindle Books have the same script as the videos, but in book form. The video content appears across 30-40 pages, each with a passage of script and a visual from the video. We plan to publish Kindle Books along with future videos. 

We currently have 8 videos available as Kindle Books for $1.99 (Links go to the Amazon Kindle Store):