I'm Writing a Book About Explanation


Art of Explanation Book It’s true. The book is called “The Art of Explanation” and it should hit the shelves in the fall of 2012, published by Wiley & Sons.  
The Big Idea:
The Art of Explanation is built on the very simple idea that explanation is a skill that can be learned and improved. The book is designed to help people rethink how they communicate and learn to package ideas into simple explanations that make people care, whether it’s at home, work or school. 
For many years, I’ve been a student of explanation and Common Craft videos are a result of hours upon hours of crafting explanations and thinking about what makes ideas easy to understand. Along the way, I realized that the lessons we’ve learned are not unique to videos - they apply to everyone in everyday situations. The Art of Explanation is the the first book of it’s kind to explore explanation as a skill that everyone can apply to accomplishing their goals.
I’ll be writing more about the book here on Common Craft.  Starting today, you can also follow The Art of Explanation’s progress and annoucements on Twitter, Facebook and email via artofexplanation.com.