Hands On: The Art of Explanation Book

A couple of days ago I held The Art of Explanation, my first book, in my hands for the first time. What a feeling to finally see and feel it in its final form.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the design and packaging of the final product.  I wanted it to feel consumable, like something you could read on a cross-country flight.  I wanted it to look inviting and interesting.  I wanted it to be Common Crafty. 

See what you think...

Here's the never-seen-before back cover.

The all-important spine:

Art of Explanation

A first look at a couple of interior pages. This one is part of the introduction of the Explanation Scale, which I'll talk more about soon.  It's a simple way to plan and talk about explanation problems:

Art of Explanation

Common Craft cut-outs are used throughout the book, but it's not a "visual thinking" book.

Art of Explanation

It's kind of hard to believe that it's actually done and about to be in the wild.  YAY! I'm so excited (and a little anxious) to see what people think.

The official release is October 23rd, but it will likely be on Amazon before then. But you can pre-order now.