Free Download: COVID Communication Kit

The workplace has been disrupted and office life may not be the same again. 

But one thing is clear: organizations will need to communicate new policies and procedures in the context of COVID safety. These new policies all have the same challenge: being read and clearly understood by employees. This is a challenge we want to help you overcome. 

We recently published a free resource for communicators called the COVID Communication Kit. The kit is designed to help communicators get a head start in COVID-related communication projects. It contains:

  • 100+ Common Craft Style Cut-outs (PNG) related to COVID
  • 3 original videos that explain the importance of masks, social distancing, and contact tracing
  • Video source files for easy edits
  • Explanation guides from the Explainer Academy
  • Reference documents
  • Links to trustworthy sources regarding COVID and the workplace

Yours to Edit, Remix, and Share

We've licensed these materials with a Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-commercial) license, which means we're encouraging communicators to use the Cut-outs and videos for their own projects. They can be copied, edited, remixed, and shared. We only ask that you use them for non-commercial purposes and credit "Common Craft". 

Download the COVID Communication Kit Here