The First Readable Videos: Covid Safety in 2020

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Like everyone else in 2020, we were hunkered down and trying to understand how to live and work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to put our creative skills to work and started to develop a new method for creating animated videos.

At the time, there wasn't a lot of clarity about what to do to stay safe, but three ideas stood out:

  • Why Masks Matter
  • Why Social Distancing Matters
  • What is Contact Tracing?

We decided to explain these ideas in the form of Readable Videos. This way, we could produce them quickly and make them easy to consume in any context. We offered the videos and other materials as free downloads.

Looking back, the videos worked for many and I'm proud of them. Since then, I've learned more about how to make Readable Videos even more polished and professional.

​Why Masks Matter

Why Social Distancing Matters​

​What is Contact Tracing?​

One More Thing... Animated GIFs

One of the beautiful things about Readable Videos is that they are small in terms of file size. This makes them easy to share and easy to convert into an animated GIFs that plays anywhere you can upload an image. The gif below is under 0.5mbs:










Readable videos are easy to create and require only free or built-in tools.  Learn more about Readable Videos.