Common Craft Cut-Outs - Now Available for Your Projects

The hand-drawn visuals from our videos, what we call "Cut-outs", are now available to all Common Craft members. They are colorful, downloadable images for use in your presentations, videos and explanation projects. 

Cut-outs are organized into themes like people, workplace, transportation, technology, etc. We currently provide over 800 images and add more sets on a regular basis. Examples of a few themes:
Common Craft Cut-outs
Common Craft Cut-outs
Our goal is to help you create your own explanations. But that's not all.  We're also sharing our Know-how.
We've added a new resource to Common Craft focused on screencasts, downloadable guides and templates that provide specific directions for creating explanations and using Cut-outs.  For example, here's a three minute video that illustrates the basics of how to use Cut-outs in PowerPoint. We'll dive deeper soon.

These resources can help you create remarkable presentations and memorable projects.

Check out the Cut-out library and our Know-how page for more information. Or, learn about membership.