Coming Soon: More Videos on Financial Responsibility

Here's a question for you: Were you taught about financial responsibility when you were young? 

When I ask this question, the vast majority of people respond with a quick "nope." I sure wasn't. In my high school I learned to recite a poem from BeoWulf in Olde English, but never learned about 401ks or compound interest. In light of the current financial crisis, we want to do our part to make sure people understand the important elements of personal finance and being financially responsible.

The First Three

This is why we've focused the first part of this year on videos about financial basics.  We started with very basic videos, meant to be prerequisites for more complex topics.  We've covered Saving Money (including Compound Interest), Borrowing Money and Investing Money.  With these in place, we're ready to release our next three in the series.  I won't divulge the titles just yet, but they're all meant to help people understand how to be more financially responsible.

Finance is Boring - But Doesn't Have to Be.

We see two big problems in learning about managing money.  First, our financial system is filled with complex terms. It's difficult to care about financial information when you don't recognize the words.  Second, most materials about finance are deadly boring.  For these next Money videos, we've put a lot of effort into making the videos easy to understand, but also entertaining and fun. You won't find finance videos like these anywhere else.

For Whom?

We often have specific people in mind when working on videos like these.  There are usually two audiences:

1. Learners - These are the people who need to learn about financial responsibility. They are students in classrooms and seminars, they are website visitors and employees.

2. Educators - These are the people who need better ways to educate others. Our goal is to provide these good people with accurate, useful and engaging videos that will help learners grasp and even care about financial responsibility. This is the audience we expect to license the videos.

Expect the first of the videos within a week from now.  We'll look forward to your feedback and ideas...