Coming Soon: The Common Craft Soccer Guide

We want to help you and yours understand the game of soccer and get the most out of the World Cup 2014!

Coming this week, we’ll publish a free online #SoccerGuide that makes learning about soccer (internationally known as Football) quick and easy.

This is not your average guide. It includes over a dozen animations that cover the most confusing aspects of the sport - all in the form of Common Craft explanations.

It's almost ready, and the front page of the guide will look something like this:

Common Craft Soccer Guide

We love the animations, which are not videos, but animated GIFs. We call them ExplainerGIFs - an animated GIF that explains an idea.

I've included one below that explains the format of the World Cup tournament. It’s 44 seconds long, loops automatically and has no sound.

If you know anyone who is "soccer curious", this guide will help them understand "the beautiful game". Stay tuned!