Clue Unit Podcast #20: A Conversation with Derek Powazek

The Clue Unit podcast is a (mostly) weekly discussion of news and trends related to online communities in the business context with Jake McKee, Lee LeFever and Christopher Carfi.

This week we were joined by Derek Powazek, someone that we've talked about a number of times and took this chance to talk with him. We focused on Community As Business - Our current focus.

Clue Unit #20: A Conversation with Derek Powazek - June 25, 2007

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Episode 20, about 30 minutes.

Today's Topic: A Conversation with Derek Powazek

  • The Story of JPG Magazine
  • Gaming the System for Good
  • Extremism and Sites Like Digg
  • Wikipedia and Big Ideas
  • Threadless as Community Business
  • Assignment Zero and Pro/Am Journalism
  • Community Hangover?

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