Case Study: Common Craft Videos and a School District

Among our favorite licensing customers are teachers and school districts.  We take a lot of pride in making videos that are used to educate students and staff.  From time-to-time, we ask school systems for feedback and information on how the videos are used.  Below you'll find a short case study about how this system is using the videos. The school system prefers that we not use their name in this post, but the information is from their technology coordinator:

Please tell us the basics of your school system. Size, location, personnel, public vs. private, etc.

We have 30 schools that serve over 16,000 students.  We have approximately 1200 teachers and 2100 total staff.

How did your school system find out about Common Craft videos?

We found your work through YouTube/TeacherTube while creating/offering Professional Development on Web 2.0 tools a few years back.  We primarily streamed the content, but as we began developing an online hybrid course for our 6th grade students, we looked deeper into your offerings and purchased licensing for the Social Media Pack to include in our course.  Our 6th grade course is part of the traditional Fine Arts/Phys Ed rotation – otherwise known as Specials in other school districts.

Who is the target audience for the videos? How do they react to them?

Our target is wide range – staff and students.  The primary target would be our 6th grade course.  The initial videos – blogs & wikis – are not used too much anymore due to our spectacular trainings (haha).  Every time they are shown – the staff and students really enjoy them and certainly meets their need of learning without all the techno-garble.

What problem do the videos solve?

They really help solve that introduction and defining “the what is this thing” in clear and simple to understand terms.  Too often us ‘techies’ get too confusing so this allows them to watch and learn in a non-intimidating manner (with a good chuckle or two).  Since we have them in our LMS, they can review them anytime they need.

How are the videos displayed or shared?  Intranet? LMS? DVD? etc.

Primarily our LMS – Moodle at this point.  We are looking to move to Angel (budget willing).

Who (in terms of job title) is in charge of the videos and their use/distribution?

Me J  Coordinator for Educational technology

What would you say to other schools and school districts about getting the most from Common Craft videos?

These videos are a great for delivering introductory explanations to new technologies in a clear and easy to understand way.  I would not say "simple" – because that would imply the lack of content.  Each video is full valuable information presented in a fun and engaging way.  Students really like that ‘old school’ animation and gets them thinking on ways they can use those same techniques in their own introductory film-making.  ‘Experienced’ staff members like them because they are not confused with all of the techno-garble and confusing terminology.

If you're a school district or teacher interested in Common Craft videos, we offer a 20% discount. Just contact us for the discount code.  Also, school districts are only required to purchase a single Site license for the entire district.  Site licensed videos can be shared on an LMS or intranet as long as access is limited to students and staff. More info here.