BIG ENOUGH - Now Available Everywhere

Most people who know Common Craft think of us as video producers, and that's accurate. Along with producing videos, Sachi and I have put over a decade of effort into the design of the business side of Common Craft. It may not be obvious today, but the company has evolved significantly over the years. And the entire time, our goal was the same: to remain an intentionally small company.

My new book, BIG ENOUGH, is about our approach to business and the perspective that bigger is not always better. If you're a fan of Common Craft, the book will give you a behind-the-scenes look at Common Craft history and how Sachi and I work together.

Big Enough is now available in ebook and paperback formats. Find it on Amazon or other providers.

Below I've provided two videos that will give you a feel for the book's message.


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A Personal Message from Lee

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You can download a free chapter and learn more on the book webpage at


Let's Stay Connected

Common Craft is my day job and main focus. However, I love writing and plan to publish more books. If you're interested in following my writing, I've created a few new resources that are focused on my writing and personal life.