Behind the Scenes: Walk-Through of Brainstorming Visuals

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The visuals in a Common Craft video begin life as rough sketches. I break the script into scenes, read it aloud, and let my mind wander. I think about each in the video and what visuals match those words. This connection between words and visuals is one of the keys to clear explainer videos.

For example, imagine a video scene with this script:

"Imagine your parents receiving a phone call that sounds exactly like you"

Then ask yourself: What is happening on the screen? What visuals can represent and match this idea? Here's my sketch, which you'll see in the video below:

Everyone approaches this process differently. For some, it's a challenge to generate ideas. For others, it feels more natural. It helps to understand the explanation lies in the script (and voice-over). The visuals play a supporting role and don't have to do the heavy lifting. Simple is good.

Watch Me Brainstorm an Entire Video

This process is part of every video we make at Common Craft. To me, it's essential to develop visual ideas in messy sketches. Once the sketches are complete, the video takes on a new life. Visual themes start to emerge. Problems in the script become apparent. The video becomes much more real.