BarCamp Vancouver Session - Feedback?

BarCamp Vancouver is about to lift off and I'm so excited. Vancouver is easily one of my most favorite cities in the world and happens to have a load of great people - many of which are planners of the event.

I was there was for Northern Voice and Moose Camp - the unconference in the Spring. For that event I signed up for a session early and then remember it the night before the event. Luckily Nancy White was there to co-host the talk on "New Rules for the New Communities" which made all the difference.

Since then, our videos have taken over our lives and I just signed up for a session at Bar Camp. See what you think of this title:

Making Paper Work in Video - A discussion on the role of simplicity, plain English, basic tools and technical amateurism in the creation of online videos that go places.

Does that sound interesting? What would you want to know from such a session? Any suggestions are welcome...