The Atlantic Explainer: Why is Bottled Water So Expensive?

The Atlantic is one of my favorite magazines and one that has spawned a strong online presence.  Recently the organization added a new series of economic explainer videos.  Written and hosted by Derek Thompson, the first six videos will roll-out over the next two weeks. Below is the first one: Why is Bottled Water So Expensive?

Overall, I think the video is well done.  It's short, under 3 minutes and focuses on understanding.  Like all good explainer videos, the writing is the strongest part of the experience - where the understanding actually lives. The visuals do a nice job of supporting the main points without being distracting.  Notice too that Thompson's narration is paced to feel consumable.  The big points sit for a half-second longer than you would expect.  Often it's this kind of pacing that is forgotten when a producer is trying to fit too many points into a specific time limit. The language is also free from words and phrases that might cause the viewer to lose confidence - the fuel of explanation. 

I expect strong work from The Atlantic and it's nice to see them deliver on this first video of the series. You can find future videos here