Mobile Blogging Device: I-Mate PDA2K

I’ve gotten the mobile blogging bug lately. As you’ll see soon, I have plans for a new site that will have a blog that will be updated predominately by a mobile device. As part of this, I’m trying to find the best device for the job. Some of the major features I see as being necessary/nice to have for mobile blogging:

  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications (global standard cell phone signal)
  • GPRS: General Packet Radio Service (Internet using GSM)
  • Wi-Fi (wireless high speed Internet)
  • BlueTooth (Short range connections to other devices)
  • Camera (a thing with which you take pictures)

I started looking on Mobile Planet and started seeing a new company called I-Mate. I-Mate has a device called the PDA2K that is the most converged piece of technology I’ve ever seen. It comes with a $800 price tag, but fits the bill for mobile blogging like nothing I’ve seen.


You can read a very thorough review of the PDA2K here (which I found via PubSub).

I think this may be the device that I eventually use. One point that really made me feel good about the I-Mate and the people behind I-Mate – The PDA2K comes with Skype built-in. I'm still in awe about that little nugget.