Family Guy Blog

Chris pointed me to the Family Guy Blog and my first thought was, oh man, this may suck. The Family Guy is such a clever and painfully funny show, I had low expectations for how it would translate to the blog world. Would it be Stewie's character? Would it be another crappy character blog?

From what I've seen so far, they've done it right. I'm impressed. In Channel 9 fashion, the blog offers a view into the production of the show and the people behind it. It has RSS, comments and all.

Check out the very first post:

Welcome, If you’ve come to this website, you probably were hoping for a welcome message from Seth MacFarlane. Unfortunately, Seth is busy right now working with the animators to determine the proper color of vomit for an upcoming episode. As one of the executive producers, the people who put this website together have convinced themselves that me welcoming you will somehow be exciting, but we all know you all find this disappointing, so, in the fine tradition of the internet, we decided to give you something to complain about right off the bat.

Ahhh, how refreshing. A real person with a real sense of humor.

If you are thinking about a blog for your business, take a look at this blog. It's much less about the "product" and much more about the people that make it. Enable the people behind the product to tell their stories and you'll be on the road to building relationships. That's what blogs are for, if you ask me.