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I Heart Dreamhost

I've been a customer of Dreamhost (who hosts some of my web sites) for a couple of years now and they have always impressed me with their reliability and service- but that's only part of my admiration.

Perhaps the biggest part is their attitude -- they are fun. They make a real effort to create an experience around their services. The experience (even when bad things happen) is personal, authentic and usable.

Their email newsletter always makes me laugh. They have added wikis to their set of tools and here's how I learned about the wiki in the newsletter:

Looking at our wicked wiki I'm sure has gotten you a mite jealous. Heck, I'm jealous. I hear jealousy is second only to envy in the seven deadly sins, so you better quit your jealous jonesin right now! And here's why:

(link to secure site) has a new One-Click Install for your wiki-wanton butt cheeks.. the Media Wiki open-source PHP wiki software! Now the very same crazy program we're using for can be installed at your DreamHosted website.. and in just one wiki-clicky!


The Dreamhost folks speak to me (as a customer) in a way that I'm not used to and it's why reason I'm writing this post. They have an excellent product and the courage to be different and unconventional, even with something as boring as web hosting.

Would your company put the phrase "butt cheeks" in a company newsletter? I think not, but perhaps they should consider it.