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Tech Review: Sun is Blog Heaven

Just a quick link and quote from an article about Sun's blogs. More of the same, but you gotta love that quote.

Sun Microsystems: Blog Heaven

Sun's Simon Phipps, whose job title is chief technology evangelist, says that researchers and developers can swap more ideas, build better software, and meet customers' needs faster if they are active in online communities, where blogs play the dual role of soap- and suggestion-box. "In a world where you must speak with an authentic voice," says Phipps, "the obvious way is to let the people you most trust�?your employee's speak directly to the -people you most want to appeal to your customers." According to Phipps and Schwartz, not only do Sun's blogs show customers that the company is paying attention to their concerns, but they have also become a major channel for communicating with programmers outside the company who write crucial third-party applications that run on Sun's hardware and operating systems.

Via: Christopher Carfi