New Features at 43 Things

The folks at the Robot Co-op have added some cool new features to 43 Things.

The site has a new "Cities" resource that enables you to see more localized goals. For instance, the most popular goal in Austin Texas is "Go Kayaking".

"Cheers" are a way for people to " people and their goals by cheering them on." This means you click a link associated with a goal on a person's profile page. This is interesting to me. I would have thought that cheers might be entry-specific instead of goal-specific.

Let's say I had a goal on the site and someone came along and contributed something useful to the goal, I'd want to be able to recognize them with a cheer. This way, the system gives people an incentive for contributing useful info to a goal.

As peoples' contributions get "cheers" the cheers could be like a reputation that goes with them across the site, setting up a way to see the "Most Cheered" people. Further, it enables me to see the entries in a goal with the most cheers- giving me some idea of the useful entries among many.

As it is now, I'm not sure what the incentive is to give cheers to goals, but I've only been looking at it for a bit.

A new feature I think is really useful is...

I Want To Help Others Do This! Select the “help others�? option when completing a goal and you’ll become a resource for those in need. Stuck on the progress of a goal or just looking for a little advice? You can now submit a plea for help that gets sent directly to the people who are interested in helping.

It's great to see this system being successful. Have you ever noticed the frequency of new entries? It's consistently an entry every few minutes. If anything can be taken from pure volume, it's awesome.