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The Problem with Tabs in Firefox...

...Is that my brain hasn't quite caught up. The transition from IE was effortless in some ways, but I seem to be "challenged" by the tabbed interface. I exhibit great skill creating new tabs (ctrl + t), but when my intention is to go to another browser window, I still waste time looking at the bottom of the screen, like I would with IE.

I'm dedicated to changing this behavior because tabs are better and faster (like so many things with Firefox). I have been trained for years that new browser windows are located in the task bar and anything else simply goes against the natural order of things (or so my brain thinks). I'm thinking this is just a phase.

Oh, and let me say that my favorite extension is Spellbound. It's a spell checker for any web based form (like blog posts, online discussions)... like ieSpell. Second would be ForecastFox.