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Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings Falls

A while back I posted about Ken Jennings, the record breaking Jeopardy game show champ. The post was Jeopardy and the Power of Engagement, and was about how the effect of Jeopardy's change in policy that allowed champions to keep winning instead stopping after 5 wins. (This was back when he had only won a paltry $231,000).

My point at the time was that Ken's streak was engaging- his winning streak made me want to keep watching Jeopardy. I felt a connection to this guy and the change in policy enabled that to happen.

My bet was that the longer he won, the more people would tune into Jeopardy, proving that the change in policy was a good one. I doubt they counted on someone like Ken.

Tonight I watched him lose after winning 2.5 million dollars over 75 episodes. I'd love to know what the Jeopardy folks think about the whole thing. My bet is that Ken Jennings was good for Jeopardy.