Finally a Positive Experience with an ISP

I awoke this morning to find my Internet service was down. Historically this has been a complete pain, as it was never easy enough to find out if it was a system wide problem or something local about my service or set-up.

Eventually I called Comcast, entered my phone number within 2-3 button pushes. The next message was- "We are experiencing service outages in your area, if you would like to receive a phone call when service is restored, please press 1".

So, I accepted the offer for the call-back, my service came back a few minutes later and I received a call from Comcast saying my service had been restored.

I did not talk to a human the whole time, yet I had a great experience. I wasn't put on hold and I wasn't upset about the service being down- I know sh*t happens. What has historically upset me so much was how hard it was to get answers. I ranted about my previous experiences with Earthlink on my personal weblog here, here, and here.

In this instance Comcast gave exactly what I wanted- an explanation as to why I can't connect and some type of notification when it's fixed. I wish it hadn't happened at all, but I was pleased to get an answer so easily.