Working as a Video Making Team

Last night we shot the video for the next Common Craft Show and, as usual, we came out of the experience completely exhausted. I've always been fascinated that it takes so much out of me.  In thinking about why (other than the 500 watt lights), it has become clear that it may be the same thing that makes our videos work: iteration.  Everything we do on video is rehashed, rewritten, repositioned and edited all the way to the point the camera rolls (and sometimes again after).

All these changes mean that we, as a couple, have to come to 100s of agreements over the course of the video's production. It's these agreements and disagreements that are a huge risk and our biggest asset. Sachi is not afraid to call me out and say that the way I want to do something doesn't make sense or could be better and I'm enormously thankful that.

We're both different people with different points of view.  Sachi is the practical project manager type - we call her the Chief Party Pooper.  I'm the big idea creative type - I need someone that can balance the concepts with moderation and practicality.  It's these roles that push back and forth when we produce a video.  Here's how the workflow breaks down:


  • I create the first draft of the script and basic storyboard, we review it
  • We both edit the script, often concurrently using Google docs.
  • I create the illustrations
  • We walk through the storyboard and script together
  • In the studio, Sachi runs the camera and effects (animation/stop-action) and I direct the story
  • Sachi does all the video editing/finishing
  • I blog about it

I've never been more appreciative of the power of teamwork. The finished product that you see is often very different than we first envisioned - and some of the best changes come once the paper hits the whiteboard. Everything is always up for revision and we deal with it as a team.

In the end, I think it works because we're both focused on the product vs. trying to please one another. Capitulation comes with discussion and focus - and that's one thing that  becomes exhausting during a video's production - agreement. That - and being so close to those lights - they suck the life right out of me.