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Wistia Videos on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you've tried to watch online videos on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you may have noticed that some videos won't play.  This is because Apple has refused to use a technology called Flash that has been a standard for many online videos. Steve Jobs recently described why Apple made this decision.

The fact remains many online videos won't play on Apple devices.  That is, unless video hosts and producers use other technologies (namely HTML5) to make the videos play. Wistia, the company we're working with on our Web License, is ahead of the game.  They've adopted the HTML 5 standard that allows videos they host to play on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.  This means that their customers don't have to worry about being limited by technology. More from the Wistia blog:

This does not mean that you’ll simply know whether or not someone is watching on an iPad, we’re capturing Video Heatmaps for each and every iPad and iPhone viewer. You’ll be able to tell who’s interested based on how much they watch, and gauge how your content is performing for your audience. Have an iPad (or iPhone) on hand and want to give our tracking a whirl? Head to our tracking demo and play with the tracking in realtime.

For the Common Craft Web License customers, this means that if you embed a Common Craft video on your site, it can be viewed with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and you'll have data on how they interact with the video. Go Wistia!