What is your Google Number?

What's Your Google Number

While I'm on this Google stuff, I wanted to post this article by Valdis Krebs. Valdis created InFlow, which is a social network analysis tool.

Basically, go to Google and search for your name in double quotation marks. In the blue bar, you'll see a number that represents the results that include your name.

Of course, there are false positives and people with popular names have issues, but it's fun to do. Valdis even provides this scale for understanding your number:

100 or less – keep your day job and start publishing - HR.com may be a good place to start! 400 – do a nice web site and publish more 800 – it is probably safe to hang out your shingle 1,000 – you are getting some real attention 2,000 – you are well known in your field 5,000 – you are an often quoted expert in your field – a thought-leader 10,000 – Dave Ulrich 50,000 – Tom Peters 100,000 – Peter Drucker

My number is 1800. Woohoo. Although, my Dad is a daylily hibridizer and he created a daylily called "Forsyth Lee LeFever" that comes up a bunch too.