What Would You Be Doing in 1905?

In the last year I got a chance to participate in a two-day personal development workshop through a client. During the workshop it became obvious that I was very Internet-focused in my work and the question they asked was: “What would you be doing right now if we were living 100 years ago and the Internet didn’t exist?�? I think about this often.

Here’s my answer: In 1905, I would be interested in radio and the telegraph. I might not have the radio technology at my fingertips, but I would have likely gotten my hands on a telegraph by then.

I would be evangelizing the technologies and trying to illustrate, for business leaders, how the telegraph and radio are going to change the world- and why they better start now. My biggest point would be the opportunity to build relationships among people through this new medium. Social Design for the Radio.

Being the person you are today, what would you be doing in 1905, with no Internet?