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VizThink Conference - Jan. 27-29, San Francisco

VizThink is a conference about visual thinking.  We'll be there leading a yet-to-named session that will focus on our story and the role of video and simplicity in communicating ideas with clarity. 

Since we started making videos, I had been meaning to talk to Dave Gray, the chairman of Xplane, author of the Communication Nation blog and the person who got VizThink off the ground. 

We had a great chat recently and I learned more about VizThink, which is not just a conference, but a community for people who are interested in visual thinking.  Dave and Xplane have been working with visuals to communicate more clearly for over 15 years.

Tom Crawford is the CEO of VizThink and is putting together what will be an awesome event.  I'm excited to meet people like Scott McCloud of Understand Comics, Kevin Cheng of OK/Cancel and Nancy Duarte who worked with Al Gore on the presentation used in An Inconvenient Truth.

I hope we'll see you there.