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Visual Thinking Resources

We're headed to a conference called VizThink in a few days.  It's a conference on Visual Thinking.  It wasn't clear to us when we got started, but our videos are examples of visual thinking and I've been keeping an eye out for related resources.

One resource that I'm excited about is a forthcoming book by Dan Roam called The Back of the Napkin, which is all about solving problems and selling ideas with pictures.  It comes out on March 13th and I'm looking forward to meeting Dan at VizThink. 

Dan's blog has been another source of information and recently he wrote about Meryl K. Evans' list of 175 visual thinking resources.  That post has a lot of really interesting information.

Maybe you're coming to VizThink?  If so, leave a comment and we'll try to hook up.  Oh, and by the way, we're doing a session on Tuesday called "Solving Explanation Problems with Simple Online Videos." I hope you'll come!