Libraries in the Internet Age (captioned)

Explained by Common Craft
It’s easy to question the value of libraries now that we have the Internet at our fingertips. But it’s because of greater access that libraries have become providers and navigators of more information than ever before.
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- More Info & Transcript

Video Transcript:

When you think of libraries, you probably picture shelves of books, librarians and kids working on homework. But today, libraries and librarians are a doing a lot more than you might think.

You see, libraries are not only about books. The real focus of every library is information.

For most of their history, that information lived in books, magazines and periodicals. So libraries and librarians became experts at organizing and understanding how to get the right information out of these resources.

This is still the case today, but things are changing quickly. We now live in the information age and we have access to more information than ever before. Now huge amounts of information also live on the Internet, in databases, apps and more.

Unfortunately, more isn’t always better. Finding trustworthy information and high quality research can be a challenge. And search engines can only do so much.

That’s why libraries matter now more than ever. The same libraries and librarians who helped us organize and understand books have transitioned to helping us find information wherever it exists.

Today librarians are still amazing book-finders - but they are also teachers and technologists.
They are expert navigators of information and focus on helping people build new, useful skills, like how to do online research or search job listings effectively.

Librarians work to help communities and students become more digitally literate.
And libraries have changed too. Most provide free access to the Internet via on-site computers and/or wifi.

Today many libraries have comprehensive websites that allow you to access resources like research databases that would be difficult to access otherwise.

You may even be able to check-out books online, or borrow electronic books that display on your e-reader.

It’s easy to think that the Internet might have made libraries obsolete, but thankfully, it’s quite the opposite. The Internet has provided libraries a new, effective way to do what they do best - help students and the community find what they need to be productive, online and off.

The next time you need quality information, help with a project or to develop a new skill or hobby,  go to your local library and ask a librarian. They’re happy to help and really good at what they do.


What it teaches:

Libraries and librarians have evolved, and these days what they can do may surprise you. This video explains why libraries are more important than ever. It teaches:

  • Why information is the real focus of every library
  • How the Internet has impacted libraries
  • Why more information isn’t always better
  • How libraries and librarians help us navigate information
  • What you are likely to find in libraries today

Video Info:

  • Duration:  02m 35s
  • Captions Available:  YES
  • Lesson Plan:  YES
  • Category:  Study Skills
  • ISTE Standard:  Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen, Knowledge Constructor, Innovative Designer, Computational Thinker, Creative Communicator, Global Collaborator
  • ACRL Info Literacy Frame:  Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Information Creation as a Process, Information Has Value, Research as Inquiry, Scholarship as Conversation, Searching as Strategic Exploration

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