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Very into the Very Short List

At the moment Google reader tells me that I have 490 unread items. Once again my feeds are mocking me.  The problem is that of the 490, I'll think 4.9 were really interesting. Such is the blog world I suppose. This kind of minor overload is one of the reasons I love the Very Short List

It's a single email 5 days a week (with a web site) that succinctly reviews a tidbit of semi-obscure pop culture. They use great writing and cool little Venn Diagrams to explain their product and each subject they cover:

For example, a recent subject was A Compilation of the Very Strangest Scientific Papers.  Here's the Diagram they used to explain it.

The Very Short List does one thing very well - and they do it in a unique and engaging way. It's simple, usable, entertaining and it works for me in 30 seconds every morning. I wish at a few more of those 490 blog posts would do the same.