Speaking at the Training Magazine Conference

I'm excited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Training Magazine Conference and Expo.  The event is in Atlanta, Georgia on February 13-14th.  The event is set up to have multiple, short keynotes over the course of the conference and my talk will focus on the "Art of Explanation". Here's the description:


While technology increases connectivity, connectivity increases complexity. The time between decisions is shrinking and the scale of information around each decision is exploding. How do we craft explanations when faced with this dual challenge? How do we make sense of complex issues in the shortest time possible? Learn a breakthrough approach for crafting explanations that people get, and act upon the first time out. See how an explanation can move someone from disinterest to motivation and even excitement. Lee LeFever, renowned for building short, creative video explanations, will share what he’s learned about the key elements of great explanations.

I hope to see you there!