Social Software inside the BBC

James Enck interviews Euan Semple of the BBC Digilabs regarding their adoption of social software across the enterprise. It sounds like another big and established organization is getting it. I bet Tom has things to add here.

Some pertinent snippets:

The first thing we did was to put in a bulletin board. We started using it amongst a group of us to begin with and gradually started telling more people about it. Word soon spread and amazingly it is now the BBC’s second most visited internal site with staff using it daily to ask questions and get answers.

The second tool we put in is a social networking tool that lets users set up a page of info about themselves and can then be searched for particular skills or interests.

We then put in a blog server and now have around 70 blogs being written by about 100 people.

Lastly we have implemented a wiki...The people most attracted to using wikis are those involved in writing formal documents, policy, manuals etc...

Getting a good RSS aggregator is going to become more important as the volume of activity increases.

Thanks to Charlie Wood at Moonwatcher for the link.