Single Sign-on for Organizations

We recently added a new feature that makes it easy for organizations to offer access to the Common Craft video library without a separate login.

This is often known as "Single Sign-on" or "Proxy" access. If you are familiar with this concept and would like to offer Common Craft via your organization's network, contact us

Single Sign-on Basics:

Organizations like libraries, schools, and businesses often have a network that employees use to access shared resources, like documents, software, databases, and learning resources. When the employee is signed into the network at home or work, they can access the resources directly, without needing to sign into a separate system. In this situation, the resource is designed to recognize a visitor from the organization and allow them easy access.

Common Craft now offers this capability. Any organization that would like to use Common Craft videos can offer direct access to our video library without each person having a Common Craft login. Our website recognizes the visitor and allows them to watch the videos by simply clicking a link.

The Connection:

The connection between Common Craft and the organization is accomplished with IP addresses, which are like physical addresses for internet-connected computers on the organization's network. To offer Single Sign-On, the organization shares its IP addresses with us. Then, our website will recognize the IP address used by the visitor and log them in to view the videos.


Libraries often provide free access for patrons to use paid resources like academic databases and websites. With Single Sign-On in place, Common Craft videos can be offered as one of these resources and accessed by the click of a link. Further, any instructor or teacher who would like to use Common Craft can use this system to access the videos.  

To use Single Sign-On, an organization license for a Common Craft Pro or Editor account is required. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.