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Basic Info


  • Common Craft was founded in 2003 and started making videos in 2007
  • Common Craft is owned and operated by Lee and Sachi LeFever in Seattle, WA
  • Common Craft videos have been viewed over 35 million times online
  • Common Craft is now a video subscription service focused on educators
  • Members receive a library of all current and future Common Craft videos for one annual fee

Membership Features include:

  •  Instant access - your own growing library of Common Craft videos
  • Sharing tools - easily embed, display or download any video
  • Worry-free membership - no extra fees for features or views
  • Influence - suggest and vote on future video titles
  • First crack - be the first to see and show new video titles
  • Premium content - access members-only resources
  • Mobile - Web-based videos play on mobile devices
  • Languages - Most videos are available with voice-overs in 8 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese)


Embed "The Common Craft Way" Video

The Common Craft Way is how we describe using our videos in education.  It means using short videos to get everyone on the same page quickly so that the instructor's skills can really shine.  

This video explains the idea and provides information about Common Craft Membership.

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Our Press Release

Building on 35 million viral views, Common Craft’s new video subscription service aims to help educators shine using short videos.

Common Craft is a small company with big ambition.  The husband and wife production team of Lee and Sachi LeFever have won multiple awards, worked with brands like LEGO, Google, Intel and Ford and created an exclusive library of paper-and-whiteboard videos that have 10’s of millions of views online.

Now the company is set to focus on helping teachers, trainers, bloggers and businesses through a new video subscription service that offers access to their growing library of educational videos.

Common Craft founder Lee LeFever explains, “We hear it every day - people love using our videos to teach others. They show one and watch the light bulb go on.  For them, it’s a fantastic feeling.  We want more people to feel that way.”  

Indeed, it only takes watching a Common Craft video to see why people love them. The simple format, clear communication and lighthearted attitude connects with people on a fundamental level. They make people smile in three minutes.

Keith Pearce, Program Director at Intel, uses Common Craft videos to educate the workforce at Intel, “I’ve used the videos in presentations, on our Intranet and in classrooms and the reaction is always the same - people are delighted and want more.”

According to LeFever, the company is ready to give people more. “We’ve learned that people want access to our complete library in one place - and we’re doing that through the new subscription service. Our members will have our entire video library at their fingertips, whether they’re in a classroom, writing a blog post or sharing a taxi.”

Any video in the library can be downloaded for offline use, embedded on a website or viewed on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Most of the library is available with voice-overs in 8 languages. As LeFever explains, “The format of our videos means they travel well.”

He continues, “We’re building a platform that will allow us to understand the needs of our members and grow our video library significantly based on that relationship. It’s a win-win.”  

Learn more and preview any Common Craft video at

About Common Craft:  Founded in 2003, Common Craft is owned and operated by Lee and Sachi LeFever in Seattle Washington.


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