Related Miscellany, Why Do You Mock Me So?

As many of you know, the Common Craft site has gone through a major transition. It was migrated from Moveable Type to Drupal and received a nice new design. One of the outcomes of this has been a complete disruption of 3+ years of blog post categorization.

For years I used a tight set of 6 categories, like:

  • Weblogs in Business
  • RSS and Syndication
  • Social Design

These aren't too bad, but still quite broad. Then I had a catch-all category called "Related Miscellany", to which 250+ post were attached.

The problem is that I'm using tags on the new site, and tag clouds for navigation. This means that all of the former categories turn into giant words in the tag cloud. You can imagine the appeal and inherent usefulness of a giant "Related Miscellany" tag in the cloud. It doesn't exactly highlight any ontological skill.

So, I must fix this situation and the only way to do so is to edit every post, remove old categories and add new, more relevant ones. I recently finished editing all 250+ posts in the "Related Miscellany" category and it's safe to say that I'd rather shave my neck with a cheese grader than have to repeat this process. Only 500+ to go!