A Readable Videos Use Case

Let's say part of your job is to create documents and media to educate others. You're an amazing communicator and feel confident using media tools. You sometimes create videos and know that they have real power.

But, producing videos can be complicated and time-consuming. This is especially true with animated videos, which often require special equipment and complicated software. Who has time for that?

What if...

  • You could create a powerful animated video in just a few hours?
  • The entire process only required PowerPoint?
  • The resulting video was polished, professional, and accessible?

This is the promise of Readable Videos. Once you learn this method, you'll see that animated videos can be simple and efficient to create. They can solve problems and bring information to life.

"I am able to create instructional videos without the hassle of voiceover, multiple retakes, or special software. I have already created/shared a Readable Video and have several others in mind."

- Jean Potter, Content Specialist

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PowerPoint... For Video Production?

Indeed. PowerPoint is a powerful tool for creating animated videos. It has an amazing combination of what you need:

  • Drawing and editing tools for shapes and images
  • Animation tools for text and visuals
  • On-board libraries of images and visuals
  • Screen recorder

You and your team have an opportunity to add a powerful new skill to your toolbox. All you need is the know-how and we've covered every base, from generating ideas to finishing the video.

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