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The Proposition 8 Video - NOT Common Craft

California's controversial Proposition 8 is back in the news, which means a fresh round of people asking if we made the video on You Tube that supports the ban on gay marriage. Though the video could be confused for a Common Craft video, it's not.

Let me be as clear.  We would never, ever make such a video. Aside from our own views on the subject, we recognize that dealing in polarizing political issues is not good for our business. Our goal is to be as unbiased as possible and make videos that appeal to largest possible audience.

Please don't feel the need to contact the person that made the video.  We've been in touch multiple times and he is well aware of our position.  In fact, he agreed to remove the "in Plain English" title to help avoid confusion. Part of my motivation in writing this post is to make sure that if anyone searches for "Common Craft" and "Proposition 8", this post will help them understand the situation.