Photo Products to Watch in 2008

2008 is shaping up to be a interesting year to try out new things when it comes to digital photos. From photo transfer technology, to wall hanging, to photo sharing services, here are a few things I'll be using in 2008.


I consider Eye-Fi a magical piece of photo technology. It makes it possible for me to upload photos to Flickr (or other services) and to my computer directly from my camera using my wi-fi network - no wires, no card readers.  Once it's installed, you just shoot a photo and within seconds the photo magically appears on the web and my computer.

Update:  I use Eye-fi on my home wi-fi network - when I arrive home,  the camera starts uploading as long as the camera is on. I set it to upload to Flickr as "private" and then change permissions as needed.

For SD memory cameras, you just replace your SD card with the 2gb Eye-Fi SD card and load the software on your computer.  Once it's set up, the Eye-Fi SD card makes it possible to transfer photos automatically.  If you don't have an SD camera, you can use the Eye-Fi card with a Compact Flash adapter too. I first heard about Eye-Fi from Anastasia of Juxtaprose and this year, it was a Christmas gift from my Mom. Thanks Santa!


Last year I gave Flickr's photo printing service a try and was impressed.  I get so used to seeing photos online that I forget about how they look on a wall. Just recently I came across fotoflÅ??t - which takes photos and wall mounting to a new level. 

Two things I love about fotoflÅ??t:

1.  Frameless design and photo protection.  They print your photos on high quality photographic paper and then fuse it to 1/8" thick acrylic. This makes them low reflection, low glare and high durability. I printed some of our travel panoramas.

2.  Magnetic wall mounts.  Each fotoflÅ??t comes with a wall mount that makes the photos modular.  Once the mounts are in place, you can have a number of fotoflÅ??t photos and switch them out in seconds.

Right now, fotoflÅ??t is working directly with Smug Mug, a photo sharing service.  In fact, in order to use fotoflÅ??t I had to upload my photos to Smug Mug first.  This may change soon.


Either way, it gave me a reason to try out SmugMug and I'm impressed so far.  SmugMug is a bit more professionally oriented (and expensive) than Flickr, and I'm not a pro, but here are a few things I dig about SmugMug.

Photos really do look good on SmugMug
.  Maybe it's the black background or pixie dust, but I love how my photos look there.

Nice options
.  I like the new Picnik integration on Flickr better, but SmugMug provides a few options for online photo editing. If you become a power user (59.95/yr), you can even upload videos to your account.

Build a store. If you become a Pro user (149.95/yr) you can make SmugMug a platform on your domain. This means that I could use SmugMug to create and sell my photos.  They keep 15% and handle support and technical details.

The SmugMug attitude. I love their story of passion, family, being small and living a dream.

So these are a few products I plan to use this year.  Maybe you have more?

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