The Personal Side of Common Craft

This summer we've been experimenting and exploring new paths for Common Craft. One of our priorities is to be more authentic and personal in how we communicate. I say "we", but Sachi prefers to remain behind the scenes, so it's really just me. 

What does it mean to be more authentic and personal? For one, it means being more accessible online and publishing a variety of things. Like you, we are more than our work, and I'm hoping to be more open about our lives and who we are, outside of the videos and business.

Lately, I've been experimenting with live videos on the Common Craft Facebook page. I just turn on the camera and talk for a couple of minutes. I've come to enjoy it because I can talk to you more casually and I hope that you can feel more of a connection than you would otherwise. It's never perfect and that's part of the fun of live video. It's real

Yesterday's live video was about a weekly newsletter I've written for a few years called Ready for Rain, which is mostly stories and anecdotes from my personal life. The video mentions this week's issue (#115), called "The Westward Wind". The story is about solving a mystery regarding a cool wind that blows by our house each evening in the summer. I finally figured it out and this post is, at heart, an explanation. Here's the live video:

I've love to have you as a subscriber to Ready for Rain. You can read all back issues and subscribe here