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Now that school is cranking up again, we're set to publish a series of videos that will help make up a new category for Common Craft: Study Skills. In short, we want to help your students and trainees build information literacy.

Our latest video is a perfect example:

New Video: Peer Reviewed Articles Explained

Watch Peer Reviewed Articles Explained:

What this Video Teaches:

When it comes to credible sources of information, peer reviewed articles set the standard. That’s because the peer review process is designed to make credibility a priority. This video explains the concept of peer review and how it applies to research and what we understand about the world. It teaches:

  • Why credible, trustworthy information is essential
  • Why articles published in peer reviewed journals are more trustworthy
  • How the peer review process works
  • How “peers” evaluate articles and ensure integrityWhat makes peer reviewed articles different from other sources

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