China's Three Gorges Dam Project - Our First/Only Documentary

Exactly one year ago, we published the video below - one of our first. We had just finished a six day river trip from Chong Qing to Shanghai, China on the Yangtze River, which goes through the Three Gorges.

China is damming the Yangtze River with the Three Gorges Dam Project, the worlds largest dam. It has displaced over a million people and caused a huge and well-deserved global controversy.

At this time last year, we had just purchased the camera we use today. I decided I'd try to do a short doucmentary about the things we learned about the project and it's impact.

I admit it's a bit cheesy, but I thought you might enjoy seeing something besides a whiteboard

This second video was from the same trip and shows the beauty of the gorges leading up to the dam.

After this blast from the back to our regularly scheduled programming.