New Video: URLs and Web Addresses - Explained by Common Craft

Our library of Common Craft videos continues to grow. Today we published a new video (our 105th) that explains URLs and Web Addresses. We're more convinced than ever that short, animated videos have real power in helping learners feel confident about using technology and the internet.

New: URLs and Web Addresses - Explained

What it Teaches:

It’s easy to take URLs, or web addresses, for granted because they work behind the scenes in helping us jump around the web. By taking a closer look, we can learn about how websites work and what happens when we click. This video explains URLs and teaches: 

  • How URLs are connected to web servers
  • What each element in a URL can tell us
  • How to tell if a website is secure
  • How URLs can represent how files are organized on a server
  • How anchors work in navigating to a specific part of a page

Watch the Video 

Note: Each Common Craft video comes with a lesson plan that makes teaching easier. Curious? Download the lesson plan for the video above.


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